No matter where you are or what type of operation you run,
Dramatically improve your business at the...
Lecanto, Florida

Golf Marketing
Get ready for a unique three-day event of game changing sales and golf marketing strategies to help your golf club, resort or development thrive in your market.

No matter what type of operation you run… This is a one-time opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the golf industry. Every technique you learn - and there will be hundreds - will have an instant and practical application for the success of your club, resort or development!

Join us in Lecanto, Florida for three days of intensive sales and golf marketing strategies that will change the way your club does business for the better!

We will cover: Digital marketing, social media, Facebook and other pay-per-click ads, landing pages, direct mail, print, collateral, email marketing, referrals, sales, pricing, packaging, positioning, execution, reporting, staff training, trends, best management practices and much more!

Golf Marketing Boot Camp is for you if...
  • You're a facility operator who wants to quickly and effectively improve your bottom line...
  • You're a membership director who wants to learn to overcome objections and close more sales...
  • You're a golf pro who wants to learn the latest in online/internet marketing to stay ahead of the curve...
  • You work at a resort and want to grow your email database & generate more high-quality leads...
If this describes you or one of your colleagues... you need to be here!
Your ticket to Golf Marketing Boot Camp in January, 2018 includes...
  • Three days of cutting edge golf marketing and sales strategies for today's world (9am - 5pm // 9am - 4pm)
  • Coffee in the mornings
  • Lunch both days
  • Cocktail party on Monday evening
  • Take home slideshow and free manual downloads (value of $197 - $497 per manual)
At the 2018 Golf Marketing Boot Camp you will learn how to:

Golf Marketing Legend, Andrew Wood
  • Dominate without discounting!
  • Generate an endless stream of quality leads for memberships.
  • Quickly raise $50-250,000 dollars in cash for your club without a rich uncle, a loan or a gun!
  • Develop TRUE customer loyalty from pay and play players.
  • Make 100% of your golf marketing effective and trackable.
  • Quickly, effectively and cheaply tap into the huge UK and USA markets!
  • Develop print ads, direct mail and e-mail campaigns that actually work!
  • Price for success!
  • Develop a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Market from the inside out to make your club the one they choose!
  • Make money, yes MONEY, with Facebook and other Social Media
  • Why 99% of clubs fail on Facebook
  • Discover what type of content really engages people
  • The secrets to member retention
  • How to use social networks for personal and professional gain
  • How to profit from YouTube
  • Short cuts and secrets to managing your social media
  • How to integrate your other campaigns with social media for maximum results
  • How to measure your social media success
  • How to use LinkedIn to gain corporate business
  • How to reach women through social media
  • Why you MUST have a blog!
  • Viral marketing promotions that spread your club’s message like wide fire
Golf Course Social Media
Golf Marketing Landing Page
  • Dominate the society, corporate outing and charity event business in your market!
  • Build a hundred thousand dollar outing list in just 6 weeks!
  • Use long copy websites and video sales pitches to make money while you sleep!
  • How one resort went from $250,000 to $1.7 million in group business, in just three years!
  • Devise an irresistible offer without discounting your prices
  • The amazing power of fusion marketing
  • Overcome price objections with the world's best objection scripts
  • Get multiyear commitments
  • Get an additional $2-3,000 dollars from every event!
  • Manage your outing leads for maximum revenue
  • Create high-converting landing pages that drive traffic, sales and generate quality leads
  • World class sales techniques for boosting your membership, outings or wedding business!
  • Build the Perfect “Money Making” website for your club and why it’s NOTHING like the one you currently have!
  • Build an e-mail database of over 10,000 players in six months or less.
  • Double your email deliverability rates and triple your open rates!
  • Secrets to tripling your pass around rate
  • The one critical error most clubs make in membership drives
  • How to structure the perfect membership tour
  • Closing scripts to double your success rate
  • Seven ways to guarantee a referral from every sale
  • Develop an irresistible membership offer WITHOUT discounting!
  • Simple techniques to getting the members on your side
  • Plus much, much more!
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Listen to What Other Owners, Club Managers and PGA Members
Are Saying About Past Andrew Wood Programs…

Andrew Wood has provided an enlightening experience into the golf marketing of the PGA Professional. The information is both practical and useful to all PGA members. I highly recommend him. - Daniel Miller

I think that the PGA should consider hiring Andrew Wood to speak at all the sections. He has many fresh ideas and is a dynamic speaker. I have been to several seminars throughout the years and I enjoyed this presentation more than any I can remember. - Tom McClurg

Andrew, I’ve done more sales and golf marketing courses than I care to remember (many of them very forgettable!). Your one-day course has taken me by surprise and exceeded my expectations. Your common sense approach, insight and sound advice has been awesome and I find myself excited and motivated to go back to work and start implementing them. This was fate! Thank you! - Finula Crowe, Dundrum House, Golf & Leisure Resort

Mr. Andrew Wood was one of the best speakers I have had the privilege of listening to. He gave me many excellent suggestions on how to improve my golf marketing skills as well as my overall presentation. Sean McDermott

Andrew Wood delivered hundreds of useful techniques to market yourself effectively to your members and their guests. Andrew has the real world experience needed to help any organization improve. -
Tom Wildenhaus, South Florida PGA Education Chairman

Andrew Wood's golf marketing seminar deals with the real world ways to market yourself and your business. In just a few brief statements he opened the audience's eyes to a wealth of ways to grow their business and value their customers. Any PGA Section looking to help their members improve their personal marketing skills needs to hear Andrew's program. This is not theory; it's what really works... - Joe Sciortino

He has an excellent grasp of what my business is about and how to deal with the people I'm employed by. I came away with numerous ideas on how I can promote myself to my members. - Larry Craig, Quail Creek C.C. 

The PGA should hire Andrew Wood for more meetings. He was a big help and positive all the way. - Buzz Garvin

Andrew Wood's golf marketing seminar was interesting, effective and most importantly tailored to his audience perfectly. After 22 years in the golf business, I went to the seminar with low expectations and left with several fresh, inspirational ideas and messages. I would recommend Andrew highly to any group seeking an enthusiastic motivational speaker.
Jerry Tucker

The ideas and energy he has imparted will be invaluable to my future. The PGA of America would be smart to include this in the GPTP Program.Dave Cunliffe

This boot camp is jam packed with great ideas and space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot for 2018 soon!

100% Money-back Guarantee: If you are not delighted after boot camp has ended, we will give you a 100% refund. With our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain from this cutting edge information!

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